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Cooperation and political contacts worldwide

Global challenges today can only be tackled through global cooperation. One player in this process is the Institute for International Cooperation, with projects in 71 countries worldwide. The aim of this international engagement, which is based on Christian social ideals, is to promote humane living conditions and to contribute to sustainable development by strengthening peace, democracy and social market economies. Together with local partners, projects are implemented that focus on strengthening civil society and its organisations, public participation and promoting the rule of law, advising
decision makers in politics, business and administration, promoting women, overcoming social and ethnic divisions and strengthening environmental awareness.

These programmes are complemented by the Hanns Seidel Foundation maintaining contacts with the world’s major centres of political power. The foreign offices in Washington (the US and Canada), Moscow (Russian Federation), Brussels (Benelux, the EU and NATO), Athens (Greece), London(Great Britain) and Paris (France) have close ties to the politically influential organisations and institutions in the respective country. They organise local bilateral symposia, prepare analyses and lead dialogue programmes.

The Hanns Seidel Foundation is a respected global partner on issues of democracy, the rule of law and contacts with Germany.